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Are you ready to kick OCD out of the driver’s seat?

Peace from OCD is a self-paced, mini course for millennial women ready to take their life back from OCD

A lot is happening around you…. careers are progressing, relationships are solidifying, YOU are taking big steps. 

There’s one tiny thing…. OCD is taking over your life.

Before you can even grab your coffee the intrusive thoughts and feelings flood in. The need to do compulsions is on repeat on your “to do” list. The endless nagging thoughts, rumination, uncertainty, and doubt leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted before you’re even midway through your day.

Worst of all? OCD makes you feel like an outsider looking in. Instead of rockin’ your life you’re rechecking your work, seeking constant reassurance, and doubting your own judgment. UGH!

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to feel stuck in this endless cycle of doubt every. single. day.

You want to reach your career goals without having to struggle through days of compulsions to get them. 

You want to trust that you’ll be able to get married, have kids, or get that promotion without your OCD breathing down your neck sucking up all of your time and energy.

You want to experience life and all of its beauty, excitement, and growth without OCD relentlessly getting in the way.

I hear you! I created this online course as a first step to finding peace from your intrusive thoughts. The Peace from OCD online course gives you actionable tools to start managing your OCD now.

On the other side of this course, you’ll…

Feel more connected in your daily life. You’ll actually feel present for those coffee breaks, dog walks, date nights, yoga classes, and girls night outs.

Find confidence in your ability to tolerate those uncomfortable feelings of guilt, doubt, and anxiety without doing compulsions to lessen them.

Surprise yourself with self-compassionate language that in the past you would have only reserved for your best friend!

Discover that accepting OCD in your life is not a recipe for more OCD… actually, it’s a start to finding peace and treatment that works!

Be inspired to make decisions based on what YOU truly want, not what OCD says you may or may not want

Hi, I’m Lindsay McGovern!

I’m an OCD specialist who works with driven millennial women who are sick and tired of OCD having so much power over their lives. After a decade of working as a licensed psychotherapist, I’ve compiled what I know about what is most important in managing OCD effectively. I have firsthand seen the positive impact these principles have had on my clients’ lives.

I created this course because finding an OCD therapist that you can afford can be tough. Even if you do get lucky in finding one, many specialized therapists have waitlists and limited days/times available. 

Peace from OCD online course gives you the foundational tools you need to get going on managing your OCD more effectively – from the comfort of your own couch!

Not only that, here’s some extra good stuff……


Less than the cost of one therapy session….. yesssss!


You didn’t think I’d make you leave your couch, did ya?


If you want to do it in between Netflix binges, your lunch break, or just to have an excuse to put your earbuds in when that chatty seatmate on the plane starts talking, that’s fine.

Immediate Access.

I know you want to feel better ASAP. As soon as you click submit, the course is yours.


This course is built on my time-tested PEACE from OCD framework…

Module 1 - Preparation.

You’ve gotta understand how OCD works before you can understand how to manage it!

Module 2 - ERP
(Exposure & Response Prevention)

ERP is the first-line treatment for OCD. Exposure refers to exposing yourself to the trigger (I know it doesn’t sound fun, but I promise it makes sense!) and Response Prevention refers to practicing coping with the uncertainty and doubt rather than engaging in the compulsion. Don’t worry, I will walk you through it!

Module 3 - Acceptance.

I know….You’re wondering how you could possibly accept something you hate so much, but I’m telling you it’s key to unlocking the rest of the stuff that works!

Module 4 - Core Values.

OCD picks on what you value most and can have you question your values. “Do I REALLY want that? How do I know for sure? What would that mean about me if I don’t??” are common intrusive thoughts. I help you understand and prioritize your values so that you feel more confident making values-based decisions no matter what OCD says!

Module 5 - Embracing self-compassion.

But Lindsay, do I really need to be that nice to myself???…. Ummm, yessss! Learning how to shift that judgy self-talk to compassionate self-talk is waaaayyyy more motivating (AND you deserve it)!

This all sounds good, Lindsay, but how can a course actually help me?

Hey, I get it! An online course isn’t going to wave all your OCD away like it’s a magic wand. All types of therapy, courses, and workbooks take work on the person’s part. This course is intended to give you the foundation you are looking for to begin to understand how OCD works and how to apply the principles and modalities that are clinically-proven effective in the treatment of OCD. These include Exposure and Response Prevention (gold standard treatment for OCD), mindfulness, acceptance, values, and self-compassion. Understanding and applying ERP and these other principles will give you the hope that you’re looking for over the coming weeks as you continue to do the work in applying them in your daily life.

Not sure if this course is right for you?

This course is for you if…..

This course is NOT for you if…..

Let’s show OCD who’s boss!

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